August 17, 2017 - Trinity 9 Thursday

August 16, 2017

LORD, thou hast heard the desire of the poor; thou preparest their heart, and thine ear hearkeneth ~ Psalm 10:17

"Lord - thou hast heard," what a great promise that is. We come humble and poor before the Lord, all our riches, whatever they may be count for nothing when we come to Him. We cannot buy his grace, nor earn it with works. Instead, we come before the Lord, poor and wanting, and He has heard. 

We cannot come to the Lord based on our works, our righteousness, or our worldly possession, but when we come to him in our spiritual poverty, when we come to him through the richness that we find in Christ - then he hears our cry. 

So take heart, you may walk through the valley of darkness, you may see all the horrors in the world right now and be consumed with fear or worry, you may cry yourself to sleep or tremble with sorrow, but God hears you. So, cry out to him in your pain and your joy, and take heart dear children of the Lord in Christ. 


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