August 18, 2017 - Trinity 9 Friday

August 17, 2017

The Psalm this morning is stark, the author seems to have reached a hopeless place where it feels as though God has abandoned him. Perhaps you are familiar with this feeling? A sense of listlessness or impenetrable sorrow. 

While this psalm has elements of prophecy pointing towards Christ, it can also act as encouragement for us in the valley of darkness. As Christ passed through the hopelessness and shame of the crucifixion, we can move through our season of despair by the grace we find in him. 

What happens in the second part of the psalm is truly interesting, with no resolution to the sorrow, the psalmist starts to sing praises. Even in our heart ache, our sorrow, our sense of hopelessness and lostness let us take hope in Christ, and by the grace that we hold to in him, sing praises to the Lord, whether the day is dark and terrible, or bright and beautiful. 


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