August 31, 2017 - Trinity 11 Thursday

August 30, 2017

I have spent so much time reading morning prayer alone; it is like fresh water to my soul on a hot afternoon to have people to pray the daily office with. It has been since college that I was able to regularly open the office and worship the Lord with other people. 

Some mornings we have five or six, other mornings it's just two of us. Either way, it is refreshing and joyful. 

This morning, it was just two of us, and what a joy it was. There were some awkward pauses along the way and some bumps. But it is good to worship with others. It is a good thing to lift each other up in prayer. 

Let us learn to walk alongside one another in prayer and praise, even when it's bumpy, even when it doesn't go quite as planned, for it is a very good thing. 


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