August 7, 2017 - Trinity 8 Monday

August 6, 2017

The lions, roaring after their prey, * do seek their meat from God. ~ Psalm 104:21

As most of you know, I recently relocated to Arizona to become to the rector of a parish here. I have been traveling, looking for a new place to live, getting acquainted with people. It has been a bit stressful, but very good. In all of this, God has been incredibly faithful. 

At the same time, I find myself fretting. Every challenge I face I find myself getting anxious and then God provides faithfully. 

We read about the lions who roar, the mightiest of the mighty, yet they depend upon God for the food. If lions who can rip large animals to pieces and be satisfied depend upon God how much more are we called to depend upon? I needn't worry about where I'll live, it'll work out, to the glory of God. Let us remember to put our trust in the Lord for all things. 


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