August 8, 2017 - Trinity 8 Tuesday

August 7, 2017

We read this morning the story of the prodigal son which I'm sure we are all familiar with. The beauty of this story is how layered it is. At any point in time, we can be the loving father, the lost son, or the grumpy older brother. 

When we are lost and wandering, this lesson reminds us that we can always run back to the father confessing our sins. He will take us back with a glad heart, and all of Heaven will rejoice with him. 

When one returns to the church after a time of wandering and heart-ache with a contrite heart, we are also reminded to be the Father and not the older brother. We are reminded to open our arms and embrace the lost one with open arms. 

As we go through our daily lives, let us remember this lesson. 


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