September 11, 2017 - Trinity 13 Monday

September 10, 2017

This morning we read about Nathan confronting David. David had sinned grievously, and in his heart, he was lying to himself about how bad it was. So, Nathan told him a story about someone doing something truly awful. David was indignant, but he did not realize it was his sin that Nathan was describing. 

It hurt him to see what he had done, for often when we see our sin displayed before us it is ugly, and sometimes it is even hard to believe that we could have done such a thing to our fellow man. 

Often, I see my wickedness, and I am surprised. Broken promises, words said poorly, unkind or uncharitable acts, or failure to behave like a Christian. It hurts when we see this, and we can delude ourselves to our nature, or we can repent. We can say "hey, I'm sorry, I screwed up." It is in repentance that we find freedom from that sin. So, let us have the courage to not hide our sins, but instead say we're sorry, flee from them, and trust that we are forgiven. 


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